Supports & Boards

Acrylic holders for Baby Bonnet decorative elements (e.g. trios of arches). Discreet and very versatile.  Space to insert the elements: 1cm PRODUCTION of 3 business days! (plus shipping)  View the demonstrative videos VIDEO.1& VIDEO.2
Supports & Boards

Backdrops protective board with reflex effect

Polyethylene terephthalate board with 1mm of thickness. Ideal for protecting and giving stability to backdrops and providing a reflex effect. Unlike acrylic, it does not get dull after its use.   Malleable (it can be rolled) and with good resistance. Adopt basic care to avoid scratching. Sent rolled.   IMPORTANT: Leave flat most of the time and...
Black lacquered aluminum support. Lightweight, very robust and easy to assemble. You can expose 2 backdrops simultaneously.   Adjustable width and height:  Width: 1,8m to 3,3m Height: 1m to 2,5m   Carrying bag included.   PRODUCTION of 2 business days! (plus shipping)
Supports & Boards

Baby Bonnet Universal Backdrops Support

The new Baby Bonnet Universal Backdrops Support offers a simple, practical, effective and versatile way to show your different backdrops, whether they are made of fabric, vinyl, paper or others.  Easily re-positioned, you can quickly and easily change backdrops, even with different sizes (each kit adapts to at least 3 different backdrops sizes). Also,...
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